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Our History

DL Group was founded by Dr. David Langat over 30 years ago in the mid-eighties. He founded the company on a clear vision of building it into one of Africa’s best Group of Companies upholding world class excellence. One of the earliest business venture of the DL Group entailed export and import of commodities like electronics and furniture. This was testament to Dr. Langat’s strong belief even back then that Africa needed to drastically expand its market reach and trade with the world.

The DL Group grew from its humble beginnings in the coastal City of Mombasa and expanded into the tea production sector through the DL Koisagat Tea Estate in Nandi County in the Great Rift Valley. This gave it a stronghold in the tea sector, from which it has since been able to expand into Tanzania where it is now the leading Tea Producer.

In 2013, the call of innovation also drew us at the DL Group to introduce purple tea at Koisagat Tea Estate. We learnt about it from Kenya’s Tea Research Foundation and didn’t waste time in planting it on about 100 acres. In doing so, we became one of the first Kenyan companies to start planting and eventually processing purple tea. We did this with one eye on the European and Chinese markets where purple tea is quite popular.

In real estate, the DL Group’s embrace of business innovation ensured that it was among the pioneers of the shopping mall concept in Mombasa. The Group’s Nyali Mall has now become a centre of both social and business life in Mombasa. Built on an area of over 330,000 square feet, the Centre offers spacious offices, shop premises, supermarkets, popular restaurants, showrooms and much more. Indeed, it exemplifies the DL Group’s focus on world class excellence. Such is the spirit that runs through all of DL Groups Companies in the different sectors where it operates.

“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela.
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