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Energy Sector

East Africa’s energy needs are growing by the day. According to a World Bank Report, electricity access rate in Kenya is the highest in East Africa standing at 56 percent, compared to Tanzania at 32.8 percent, Rwanda at 29.37 percent, Uganda at 26.7 percent and Burundi at 7.5 percent. This data is clearly indicative of the glaring electricity gaps in the region. The DL Group has taken decisive and consequential steps to fill this gap in fairly substantial fashion.

Solar Power

The sun is shining bright in the DL Group’s solar projects. We are currently engaged in an ongoing 94 MW Project with an investment of USD 170 Million. Once complete, this will be the largest solar plant in East and Central Africa, covering an area spanning hundreds of Acres. This will go a long way in filling Kenya’s energy gap in a renewable way that is not harmful to the environment.

Kenya is one of the leading geothermal producers in the world. The DL Group is playing a role in this production of much needed renewable energy by developing a Geothermal plant in Western Kenya. “At the DL Group, we are strong believers that the sun is not just for drying clothes – it is also for lighting our homes, cooking our food and powering our industries.” Dr. David Langat, Chairman, DL Group.
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